Films with Faith, Hope, and Value


President and Creative Partner, Bob Waldrep

Bob has been engaged in cultural studies, with an emphasis on new religious movements, since 1993. Through the years, he has observed and addressed cultural trends that have altered various elements of our society; especially, as pertains to matters of faith and spirituality. In early 2008, he founded the Crosswinds Foundation to be a resource for those individuals and organizations being impacted by new and different emerging cultural trends.  

Bob has written numerous articles about cultural and spiritual trends; coauthored, The Truth Behind the Secret, (Harvest House); is a contributor to The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics (Harvest House) and The Complete Evangelism Guidebook, (Baker Books). Bob produced and scripted the documentary, The Da Vinci Code Revealed and produced, directed and scripted the educational film, Help I know A Mormon. Bob is also the co-creator and Executive Director of Invisible Scars: Hope for Warriors With Hidden Wounds and Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury

Bob has appeared as an expert commentator for print, radio, television and Internet media, locally, nationally and internationally; including appearances on: ABC's World News Tonight, ABC's Night Line, MSNBC with Brian Williams; CNN; NHK-TV, Tokyo; USA Today; Time, Newsweek, and Christianity Today.

He is a graduate of Jacksonville State University (B.S. in Secondary Education, emphasis in social studies and the arts) and Birmingham Theological Seminary (Masters in Religious Education).

Founding Creative Director, Eugene Cuevas

Working with Bob Waldrep, Eugene helped establish Front Porch and was an intergral part of its first two films. Though Eugene remains on the Board of Directors, he resigned from Front Porch in 2017 to return to teaching.

Eugene grew up in the small Southern town of Kiln, MS, where he learned the values of faith, family, and community. In that small town, Cuevas met the love of his life, Jennifer, and made plans to become a professor of English Studies, raise a family, and conquer the world. Throughout his academic work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Cuevas was consistently attracted to concepts and trends in popular culture, visual media in particular. Through studying visual rhetoric Cuevas developed an enthusiasm for how we use popular media for communicating and developing the ideas of our culture. 

In 2006, a friend challenged him to write a script for a short film. Accepting that challenge, he began writing and a new passion took flight. Over the next few years, this would lead to further writing and directing of several short and feature length film productions.

Since that first writing challenge, Cuevas has emerged as a skilled writer and director, editor, and all around videographer. In 2007, his short film Lunch with Lincoln won an Alabama Citation for Excellence in Originality for the 9th Annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. In 2009, his short film Visitation won 2nd Prize for Best Film in the Gatlinburg Screenfest.

In 2010, Cuevas wrote and directed Awakened, his first feature film, a faith-based crossover that details the story of a couple facing spiritual warfare. Through 2011 and 2012, Awakened garnered multiple recognitions in both domestic and foreign festivals. These awards included:

Winner, Best Film in the MCI Film Festival in Chicago, IL

Winner, Storyteller Award for the Redemptive Film Festival in Virginia Beach, VA
Winner, Best Visuals in the ICF Film Festival in Irvine, CA

Official Selection Screening for the UK Christian Film Festival in London, England

Winner, Best Feature Film for the Pan Pacific Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA

Awakened is in distribution through Word Films.  Get a copy on Amazon.

In 2012, Cuevas was the Assistant Director for the feature film Take a Chance,  starring martial arts legend Sonny Chiba, Cassie Scerbo, Alex Heartman, and Mackenyu Meada. Take a Chance is now in postproduction. 

While with Crosswinds Foundation, Cuevas focused on utilizing film to educate and inspire viewers toward understanding the surrounding culture and living out meaningful lives that demonstrate faith and an affection for one’s community.

Cuevas's first two films with Front Porch Media have been the groundbreaking series, which include the documentary Invisible Scars:  Hope for Warriors with Hidden Wounds  and its sequel Honoring the Code:  Warriors and Moral Injury.  Both of these films are distributed through Crosswinds Foundation. 
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